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Hello World! Our New Website Launch

We are celebrating the launch of our brand new website that has been over a year in the making. If not familiar with our history, the business was formed in late 2009 as Behind Bars Cycle Gear, focusing primarily on handlebar accessories such as GPS and iPhone mounts. We launched an online store in January 2010 at

While overall successful, the platform we had chosen to run the store proved unstable and wasn’t able to support some of our planned initiatives. Having tried various patches and upgrades to no avail, it was decided to launch a whole new site under a new name, Morrison Motorcycle Mounts & More and a new URL, The change of name idea was not entirely our own as there were some conflicts regarding the use of the former name and URL. (Stay tuned for a blog/rant on that coming soon!)

Those familiar with our previous online store will recognize that we have added some product categories, such as the Motorcycle Transport Systems, while eliminating some others, primarily within the former “Gizmos” classification.

The site itself is divided into three main categories, or StoreFronts, Behind Bars Handlebar Hardware, Motorcycle Transport Systems, and Barbaric Biker Gear.

Behind Bars Handlebar Hardware is where you will find all of the products continuing from the former Behind Bars Cycle Gear site. We specialize in useful accessories riders use while riding, typically handlebar-mounted.

Motorcycle Transport Systems is our category for three lines of complimentary Motorcycle & ATV Transportation Products, Lock’N Load Wheel Chocks, CargoBuckle Retractable Tie-Down Systems and BRAHMA Wheel Locks. These products are all what we consider “best-in-class” and we selected not only to represent them but use them ourselves when transporting our bikes and products to various trade show venues for display.

Barbaric Biker Gear is a new brand under development where we will feature items we can wear, such as items from our former “Trinkets” category as well as some custom clothing articles.

Our new site contains two features we are particularly excited about, our Gallery where we will feature client photos of bikes and products purchased and our Review Feature where clients can post Ratings & Reviews of products purchased. Our former site did not allow us to enable these features effectively. So if you bought from us in the past, please post reviews for those products purchased! In consideration for that effort, we’ll send you a discount coupon worth 5% of that product’s value.

We hope you enjoy the new site. Send us your feedback please!

2 thoughts on “Hello World! Our New Website Launch

  1. Hey Peter,
    I stopped at your booth at the M/C show in the Abbotsford Tradex center on Jan. 20/13. I told you the story of my trip down the Oregon coast and California coast. Every Harley dealership I stopped at were sold out of the chrome Kruzer Kaddy. I was ecstatic to find one at your booth, and even more so cuz I got the last one! I can’t wait for some better weather so I can go for a ride and test it out. Thanks again from one happy Harley owner. 🙂
    Best wishes, Sandra

  2. Hey Peter, I am finally getting around to looking at your new site. WWWW Wow! this is not only very cool but very easy to view and navigate! With your awesome personality and excellent customer service I cannot imagine that your business is not becoming more and more popular!
    Hope you are doing well.
    Nanci Rogers
    Ace High Leathers

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