ADAPTIV D-01-15 Type S Stabilizer Mount


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The AdaptivMount™ Type S Stabilizer Mount is designed with a combination of high strength steel and aircraft grade anodized aluminum.  Patent pending AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration Technology greatly reduces vibrations transferred from the bike to the mounted gadget. The double ball-joint design provides a high degree of freedom for optimal positioning, easy adjustment, and simple installation.

Key Features: 

  • AdaptiSorb™ Anti-Vibration Technology protects your gadgets
  • High strength steel and aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Highly adjustable with the turn of just one screw
  • Simple installation
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Bike specific models
  • Type S Stabilizer Mounts are designed for attachment to Scotts Stabilizers.
  • Industry standard AMPS hole pattern and camera mounting hole.
  • Mounting Hardware and Double Sided Adhesive Tape included
  • Model specific cradles available for GPS, Cell Phones, MP3 Players, and most other gadgets

Kit Includes:

Find the right ADAPTIV Mount for your bike:

  • If your bike has a round handlebar or clip-on with a diameter between 7/8” and 1 ¼” and open space of ¾” or larger, use Handlebar Mount (D-01-06) or Chrome Handlebar Mount (D-01-12).
  • If your bike has two pinch bolts facing toward back of the bike spaced 1 – 9/16” or less apart, use Control Mount (D-01-07).
  • If your bike has two pinch bolts facing skyward spaced between 1-1/32” (26mm) and 1-11/32” (34mm), use Horizontal Control Mount (D-01-10).
  • If your bike has an unused mirror hole, use Mirror Mount (D-01-11).
  • If your bike has a sturdy, rectangular brake reservoir cover with two or more screws, use Reservoir Mount (D-01-13).
  • If your bike has a steering stabilizer, use HC Mount (D-01-08) for HESD, Stabilizer Mount Type G (D-01-14) for GPR, or Stabilizer Mount Type S (D-01-15) for Scotts.

Additional information

Weight .337 kg
Dimensions 20 x 8 x 6 cm


ADAPTIV D-01-15 Stabilizer Mount Type S Installation Instructions


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