Automotive Cup Holder Insert X-Grip Kits RAM RAP-299


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While our site specializes in Mounts for Motorcycles, we do recognize that some of us occasionally drive cars and/or trucks.  We have kitted up in-vehicle mounting kits for automotive use, based on the RAM brand of popular X-Grip device holders.

Click on the Video Tab above to see the mounting options and how they work.

The RAP-299-3U serves as a mounting point for RAM 1″ double socket ball mounts.  Included are support fins that flex, making the cup holder base conform to most vehicle cup holders.  Also included is hardware to attach a RAM diamond base to the cup holder base.

NOTE: ALL combinations include the marine grade aluminum components from our motorcycle kits, NOT the composite plastic “light-duty” components.

Select your double socket arm length and Device Holder from the Drop Down Menus. Five sizes of RAM X-Grip Universal Device Holders available;

  • RAM UN7BU for Cellphones/SmartPhones
  • RAM UN10BU for Larger Phones/”Phablets”
  • RAM UN8BU for 7″ Screensize Tablets
  • RAM UN10U for 10″ Screen Size Tablets
  • RAM UN11U for 12″ Screen Size Tablets

Three different RAM Double-Socket Arm lengths to suit every application;

  • RAM 201-A Short Arm – 2″
  • RAM 201-B Medium Arm – 3.69″
  • RAM 201-C Long Arm – 6″

Contact us for any custom solutions not found here. We’d be please to put a kit together for you! Just tell us what you want to mount and how you want to mount it!




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