CELL BUCKLE™ CB1 Handlebar Mount Universal Device Holder – 1.25″ Bars

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CELL BUCKLE™ is so compact and easy to use that all you do is fit your device inside its grip and clip it in front of you. Now you can talk hands-free and keep your eyes on the road with your portable device right at your fingertips.  Made of high quality, durable, flexible plastic and rubber, the versatility and multipurpose design makes life easier for anyone using a smart phone, GPS device or MP3 player.

Here’s How It Works

Simply fit your electronic device to the inside of the CELL BUCKLE™. Make sure it is securely fastened by pushing the top and bottom parts of the CELL BUCKLE™ together.  Now clip the rounded edge of the CELL BUCKLE™ to the 12:00 position of your steering wheel. If you are attaching theCELL BUCKLE™ to another smooth surface, make sure it does not obstruct your view.

Once your Cell Buckle is securely fastened, you’re ready to go!

  • You’ll never have to worry about dropping your phone on the car floor or missing a call.
  • You can easily program your bluetooth system to play your favorite MP3 music.
  • Your GPS will never block your view by a windshield mounting device.
  • You won’t have to fumble around to handle your device while you drive and your hands are free to remain on the steering wheel.

There are  two CELL BUCKLE™ models suitable for use on Motorcycles.  Model CB1 fits larger 1.25″ handlebars and larger diameter bars.

CB2 is required for 7/8″ or 1″ handlebars. Click HERE for CB2.

NOTE: Handlebars are specified by size in diameter (thickness across the bar). Not sure of the diameter of your bars? Take a piece of string, ribbon or tape and wrap it around the bar to get the circumference of the bar.  Make a mark on the string/ribbon/tape.  Stretch it out against a ruler or measuring tape.

2.75″ Circumference = 7/8″ Diameter

3.15″ Circumference = 1″ Diameter

3.925″ Circumference = 1.25″ Diameter



Cell Buckle is designed to securely hold your smartphone, GPS or MP3 player and is to be used for hands-free calling. For your safety, please DO NOT use distracting applications, text or write emails while controlling a moving vehicle. Follow all local and state laws and consult the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer before you attach or use the Cell Buckle.



Cell Buckle is not liable for any accidents, traffic or tickets that occur while you are using any device attached to the Cell Buckle. We are not responsible for any damage to any device that a person uses with their Cell Buckle.


Cell Buckle LLC is not liable for any traffic accidents or traffic tickets that occur. Cell Buckle LLC is not liable for any personal injuries to the user of the Cell Buckle™.


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