Epona – Horse Heart Corded Pendant

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Horse Heart Pendant Necklace ~ Wear this beautiful pendant to strengthen trust, friendship and love.

Throughout ancient times the horse was the most sacred and honored of creatures. Thought to be a bridge between the material and spiritual world, the horse represents an intuitive bond between the two realms.  Two horses facing each other is an image older than written history. The horse was viewed as the sacred ambassador to Epona, the Celtic Goddess of horses, and was believed to walk between the worlds of men and divinity.  The connection between the horse and rider is one of mystic communication each feeling the other. This bond created between horse and rider is only possible with mutual trust and awareness.

Epona translates as Divine Horse and it is said that she and her horses lead the soul to your preordained destiny and brings divine help in hours of need.

This piece is superbly hand-crafted in the highest quality lead-free Pewter available.  A unique finishing process is used resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find!

Includes: 36″ black cord with accent bead.

Size: 7/8 ” W x 1 ” H approx.

Weight: 9.9 grams approx.

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