Formotion MSK-200 Motor Sports Black Mount Plate

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Formotion Snap Back™ models introduce an exciting and new standard of mounting technology. All SB products come standard as a Stick-On mount using high grade 3M VHB waterproof tape disks right out of the box, but in a “snap” the user can change the gauges back to conform to any number of different mounting situations.

Simply by buying any unique Snap Back™ accessory kit, the core gauge can go from it’s standard Stick-On configuration to our patented Stem & Barrel™ Bolt-On mount (BOK) or to a square Motor Sport mounting style (MSK) or even be worn as a Wrist Watch by the user (RWK).  In addition to expanded usability, watch maintenance is also a snap now, as access to the gauges internals and battery has been greatly simplified for every user as a result of this new patent pending Snap Back™ technology.

All the tools required to change the gauge’s back case cover are provided inside the accessory kits.

MSK-200 (Black) Motor Sport Backing Plate

Use this kit to flat mount any Snap Back™ (SB) Formotion gauge using either the included 3M VHB Waterproof and Heat resistant sticky disk or remove the 4 corners faux screws and use your own screws to mechanically mount the mount and its gauge to any flat surface.  Flight deck square design available in Black or Polished 316L stainless steel.  Kit also includes case-back screw driver kit and additional case-back screws for easy removal of your existing Formotion gauge’s back cover.


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