Samsung Galaxy S4 Phoneshield™ Mountable Weather-Proof Case


PhoneShield Cases include Composite Handlebar Mount and are compatible with RAM and TECHMOUNT Mounts

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 Phoneshield™ All Weather Protective Case and Composite Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Mount for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPhone 5C.

The Phoneshield™ PS-GS4 for Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most versatile case and mount combination in the world.  It fits an active lifestyle whether the user is motorcycling, bicycling, or participating in any activity where they would want to mount and display their Samsung Galaxy S4. ThePS-GS4 is even applicable to certain water sports where full submersion is not required, such as stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. With the PS-GS4 users have the option to utilize the included mounts or add the case to an existing Ram Mount® or Techmount® for specific applications.


Phoneshield cases are designed to take any abuse mother nature has in store and are IPX4 rated to protect your phone from moisture and dirt.


Phoneshield cases have a clear plastic screen protector with a matte finish to eliminate glare caused by the sun, while at the same time protecting your screen from road debris.


The Galaxy S4 case has a Micro USB connector integrated in the case with an micro USB for connecting a charging cable. Keeping a full battery has never been easier or more convenient.


Corded audio is available with an optional 3.5mm adapter cord which is ideal for wiring into motorcycle stereo systems (Harley Davidson touring models, Goldwing etc.)


Two heavy duty locking tabs keep the Galaxy S4 securely locked in place inside the silicon liner. The case attaches to the mount with a security screw to further enhance security.


The orientation of the phone can be adjusted for ease of use. For example, the phone can be rotated horizontally into landscape mode for use as a GPS.

The Phoneshield Universal kit also includes an AMPS adapter that is compatible with RAM and Techmount specialized mounts. So no matter where you want to mount your Phoneshield, we can accommodate your requirement.


The Phoneshield case will protect a Samsung Galaxy S4 from unexpected drops. Drop tests conducted from multiple angles have resulted in a true shield for your phone.


The Phoneshield universal kit installs on any tubular motorcycle handlebar in minutes with basic hand tools. Installation video is identical to the iPhone 5 Case with the exception of the integrated charging port.



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