Quatrefoil – Warrior’s Shield Corded Pendant

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Quatrefoil – Warrior’s Shield Necklace

A very striking pendant that has been designed as a shield of protection. This Celtic design is based on the numbers 3 & 4, which enable Magical powers to come into play that help provide circles of protection & other important esoteric forces to enhance well being.

The central design is this work is a Quatrefoil composed of 4 circles interlocked into Magical Celtic Knots. These circles are constructed by using the 4 corners of a square as the center points of the circles. They represent the 4 corners of the Earth, the 4 Winds, the 4 Elements: Earth, Air, Water & Fire & more importantly the 4 Angelic Guardians. The Quatrefoil is a symbol of Good Luck -as in the 4-leaf clover. One of several World symbols this design is where the 4 realms of North, South, East & West are joined and the 4 Elemental Spirit Guardians, Peoples & Lands of Earth merge. The manifestations of the 4 Elemental Angelic Guardians bring protection to those who wear this Amulet.

Also in this design the Ancient Celts included the Magical Trinity of interlocking Rings of 3. Captured at the edge of the main Quatrefoil are 4 sets of 3 interlocking circles. 3 is a symbol of Luck & invokes the 3 Fates. The circles overlapping creates a “Triple Vesica” bringing Perfection in Thought, Word & Deeds as well as helping find Love, Enhance Power & Bring Wisdom.

This piece is Superbly hand-crafted in the highest quality lead-free Pewter available. A unique finishing process is used resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find!

Includes:  36″ black cord with accent bead.

Size: 1 1/4″ h x 1 1/8″ w approx.

Weight: 11.0 grams approx.

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