17mm. Top Ball Shaft – Articulating – TECHMOUNT 4-62122/32


Update 3G TECHMOUNTS to 4G or upgrade a straight shaft to articulating. Select Length & Finish from Drop Down Box.

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This is the optional articulating shaft with the 4th Generation 17mm. Top Ball common to all 4G TECHMOUNT Mounts. This shaft has an “elbow”/pivot as well as being able to rotate within the clamp, increasing flexibility in device mounting positions.

2.0″ or 3.0” 17mm. ball shaft converts your 3G TECHMOUNT to a 4G mount capable of accepting the new top-plate adapters.

Select Length, Finish from Drop Down Box.

Top: 17mm ball articulating shaft

Mount Style:  17mm. ball articulating shaft (4G)

Shaft Length:  2.0″ or 3.0″

Shaft Style:  17mm. ball shaft

Height:  2.0″ or 3.0″

Finish:  Black,Silver, Chrome

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