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Introducing TECHMOUNT’s 4th Generation of mounts!  TECHMOUNT’s new design retains the quality and appearance you’ve come to know and expect, but with more flexibility and significantly improved pricing based on fewer machined components. Buy the mount and choose the correct adapter and device holder for your application.

NOTE: Picture is a 3rd Gen. mount with round top plate. This 4th Gen. mount has the 17mm. top ball.

Surface mounts are designed to mount onto any flat surface and require only 2″ of surface area. Access is required to both top and underside of surface for installation. The surface material is sandwiched between the upper and lower mounting plates. Lower plate is threaded for the 4 through-bolts. This provides a very sturdy platform for mounting accessories that will not otherwise damage the fiberglass or plastic mounting surface.

  • Top:   17mm Ball (Pivoting)
  • Mount Style:   Specialty
  • Shaft Length:   2.5″
  • Shaft Style:  17mm Ball (Pivoting)
  • Height:   2.5″
  • Colors:   Black

Choose your Device Adapter from the Drop Down Menu, or order “a la carte” (No Thanks).

  • T-Grip Universal CellPhone/GPS Holder
  • GoPro Camera Adapter
  • AMPS 4-Bolt Hole Top Plate
  • Radar Detector Top Plate
  • Diamond-Shaped Two-Hole Adapter for RAM Cradles (Sold Seperately)
  • Round Top Plate
  • Garmin Zumo Top Plate
  • DynoJet Adapter

This part will fit the following bike make/model/years:


– R1100RS (ABS) (2001)

– R1100RS (ABS) (2000)

– R1100RS (ABS) (1999)

– R1100RS (ABS) (1998)

– R1100RS (ABS) (1997)

– R1100RS (ABS) (1996)

– R1100RSL (ABS) (2001)

– R1100RSL (ABS) (2000)

– R1100RSL (ABS) (1999)

– R1100RSL (ABS) (1998)

– R1100RSL (ABS) (1997)

– R1100RSL (ABS) (1996)

– R1100S Boxer Cup Prep (2004)

– R1100S Boxer Cup Prep (2003)

– R1100S Boxer Cup Rep (2005)

– R1100S Boxer Cup Rep (2004)

– R1100S Boxer Cup Rep (2003)

– R1150RS (ABS) (2004)

– R1150RS (ABS) (2003)

– R1150RS (ABS) (2002)

– R1150RS (ABS) (2001)


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