Quick-Release Device Adapter – TECHMOUNT 60003

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TECHMOUNT 60003 Quick-Change Adapter

Top works with older rectangular top plate found on 1st & 2nd Generation TECHMOUNT Mounts. This adapter is used when wanting to utilize one mount for multiple devices, or for using one device on multiple bikes equipped with TECHMOUNT Mounts. Easily slides off top plate without use of tools for fast, easy device storage when not in use. Adapter permanently attaches to device cradle with hardware supplied. Purchase one Q-R Adapter for each device supported.

Notes: Works with rectangular top plate only found on TECHMOUNT 1st & 2nd Generation mounts.  Will not work with round top plates found on 3rd Generation Mounts.  Round top plates require P/N 3-60003 Quick Change adapter.

Kit Includes:

  • Adapter
  • Universal mounting hardware kit
  • Keychain doggle
  • Instructions

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