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The Adjustable Windscreen Mount (AWM) is a mounting option for motorcyclists to hold a radar detector or other gadgets directly to the motorcycle windscreen. The AWM allows a rider to place a gadget in a location where it is easy to see and space is at a premium. The AWM comes in two versions: a Bolt On version and an Adhesive mounted version. The Bolt On version (AWMB) requires two holes be placed in the windscreen. The Adhesive version (AWMVHB) uses 3M VHB (very high bond) two-sided adhesive tape.


The primary benefits of the Adjustable Windscreen Mount (AWM) are:

  1. Holds Multiple Gadgets – The AWM can hold a wide range of gadgets such as radar detectors, cell phones, iPods, prepaid tollway cards, PDA’s, satellite radios, and MP3 players. Now a rider only has to buy a single mount to hold any device.
  2. Fits Any Motorcycle Windscreen – the AWM fits all motorcycle windscreens making it easy to choose the proper mount for your motorcycle. Any model motorcycle from sport bikes to touring models can mount devices to their motorcycle. Now a rider only has to buy a single mount for any motorcycle.
  3. Places Gadgets in an Easy-to-See Location – The AWM can be mounted anywhere on the windscreen holding the gadget where it is easiest to see while riding. By placing the gadget closer to your line of sight the transition between viewing the road and gadget is made quickly and safely.
  4. Weather and Damage Protection – The AWM places the gadget directly behind the windscreen. This protects the gadget from weather and other debris damage. The gadget is also out of the way of the rider, tank bag, handlebars, and fairing.
  5. Secure Mounting Solution – The AWM uses a combination of rubber grips and a heavy duty Velcro strap to anchor the gadget. This two-fold anchor method eliminates the chance of losing an expensive gadget while riding.
  6. Quick Release – The AWM allows the rider to quickly remove the gadget by releasing the Velcro strap. Now the rider can easily take gadgets off the bike when taking a break or when the ride ends.
  7. Two Versions – The AWM is available in two versions: a Bolt On (AWMB) and an Adhesive version (AWMVHB). A rider now has the choice of how to adhere the AWM to their motorcycle.


The Adjustable Windscreen Mount (AWM) was designed for motorcycles having a windscreen. The windscreen can have an angle ranging from being close to horizontal (as found on sport bikes) to being almost vertical (as found on cruisers). Once mounted to the windscreen, the AWM adjusts to provide a horizontal surface to place a gadget either on top of or underneath the AWM. The gadget is secured to the AWM by the use of rubber grips and a heavy duty Velcro strap.

It should be noted that the AWM has an infinite angle range. Once the AWM is mounted, the rider can tilt the AWM to the preferred angle to see and operate the gadget. There is no need to buy another bracket or holder to tilt the gadget. Two adjustment screws located on the AWM accomplish any angle adjustment, or tilting of the gadget.

Installation and Usage Guides

AWM_Install_Guide_v20 (Bolt On Version)

AWMVHB-Install-Guide (Adhesive Version)

The AWM is attached to the motorcycle windscreen by placing two small holes through the windscreen OR by using 3M VHB adhesive tape. Placing holes through the windscreen is easy and can be done without the chance of damage by using one of the three methods listed below:

  1. A Dremel tool using any one of the many grinding / drilling bits.
  2. A heated wire to ‘push through’ or melt a hole in the windscreen.
  3. Using a professional shop familiar with modifying plastics.

The AWMVHB, which uses 3M VHB adhesive tape, has been rated by 3M engineers to hold up to 16lbs! Given this high weight rating, we guarantee it will hold a ten-ounce radar detector. The LEGAL SPEEDING team has been running an AWMVHB since May 2008 holding various radar detectors without any issues.

The Adjustable Windscreen Mount (AWM) consists of the following components:

  • Mount Plate and Brackets
  • Heavy Duty Velcro Strap
  • Hardware Kit

The AWM Plate and Brackets are tooled from billet aluminum. Once tooled, all parts are powder coated for long life and durability. All hardware components are stainless steel to avoid any chance of rust or discoloration. Once mounted to the windscreen, Hinged Screw Covers provide a factory OEM look and feel to the AWM. The gadget is anchored to the AWM by a heavy duty Velcro strap holding the gadget against a number of rubber grips.

Please note, the AWM is NOT compatible with the Radar Box or the Radar Cover, which are also products offered by LEGAL SPEEDING.


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