Xena X1 Hardened Disc Lock – Yellow

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Xena’s X1 disc-locks for motorcycles, scooters, quads and ATVs.  A stronger, more solid disc-lock.  Two attack points to increase the force and time required to steal your bike is a strong deterrent to thieves.


  • 6mm.  push-down locking pin
  • Ultra-portable – Serious security
  • Versatile fit profile – Stylish design

Double-Locking System

In a conventional disc-lock, the locking-pin is the weakest point. With XENA’s double-locking system, body and locking pin act as one piece of metal, making it virtually impossible to remove the lock by wedging, hammering or other method.

6mm. hardened-steel locking pin on XR1 and X1 alarm-less disc-locks. Saw and tamper resistant to exceed requirements of testing bodies throughout the UK and Europe. Fits virtually any brake disc.



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