Yggdrasil – The World Tree Corded Pendant

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Yggdrasil The World Tree Necklace

In Norse mythology, it is believed that the axis of the universe is an enormous ash tree. This tree, “Yggdrasil”, links the worlds of Asgard (where the Gods reside) Midgard (where humans reside) and Niflheim, (the land of darkness and freezing mist). Yggdrasil is called “The World Tree” because it is thought to be the guardian of the whole world.

The tree is universally thought of as a symbol of stability and growth, and revered for its life-giving abilities. The roots reach deep into the earth to ground us; the branches reach high into the heavens to enable our spirit to grow; the fruits feed and nurture our bodies. The tree represents life, death, and resurrection. It buds new in Spring, ripens in Summer, withers in Fall and dies in Winter, but awakens anew in the endless cycle of life.

This piece is Superbly hand-crafted in the highest quality lead-free Pewter available. A unique finishing process is used resulting in one of the most beautiful lines of jewelry you can find!

Includes: 36″ black cord with accent bead.

Size: 1 1/4″ h X 3/4″w approx.

Weight: 6.9 grams approx.

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