RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts are somewhat unique in that they can be purchased as a complete kit or component-by-component to build a custom mount to suit your exact requirements.  RAM use their patented ball & socket technology that provides for virtually unlimited configurations, adaptable to limitless applications.  The 1″ rubber-impregnated ball is the key to the technology, providing a secure connection point, vibration dampening and 360 degree swivel points top and bottom.  All RAM components are made from marine grade aluminum (unless otherwise specified) and are guaranteed for life!


We’ve put together kits for the most popular combinations in the RAM Kits Category. But you can build your own custom mount as follows;

Once you have selected a holder/cradle for your device from our Device Holder. Section, you are ready to build your RAM Mount. You will need 3 components to complete your mounting kit, as follows:

  1. ADAPTER – This includes the top 1″ ball and a bolt pattern for attaching to the Device Holder.
  2. ARM – This is the dual-socket arm with thumb-key tightening mechanism that joins the top (adapter) ball and bottom (base) ball together.
  3. BASE – This is the attachment point to the motorcycle/ATV and includes the 1″ ball.

RAM components featured are available in black or chrome finishes and are fully compatible/interchangeable with one another.  So one mount can quickly be converted from a GPS Mount to a Camera Mount, for example.