CargoBuckle Tie-Down Systems


CargoBuckle, a Brand of IMMI Outdoor Division, produce a line of truly outstanding Retractable Tie-Down Systems, ideally suited to securing motorcycles and ATVs and an ideal companion product for our LOCK’N LOAD brand of motorcycle and ATV wheel chocks.

These Retractable Tie-Down Systems (RTDS) are made by the largest seat belt manufacturer in the world and utilize that retracting seltbelt mechanism and 2″ strap as the key to the product design. Not only are these products truly simple to use but the retractable mechanism makes it virtually impossible for a strap to “jump” loose like a conventional s-hook strap can when the shocks on your motorcycle or ATV compress when going over a large bump, such as when crossing train tracks.

CargoBuckle offer a variety of adapters to accommodate any of your attachment requirements. The CargoBuckle G3 (3rd Generation) Retractable Tie-Down Systems even color coordinate with our LOCK’N LOAD and BRAHMA brand of products, both of which are standard in a powder-coated “safety” orange finish.